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I LOVE what I do

It’s a way of life.

I am a degree qualified nutritional therapist, helping people to lose weight and eat healthily for over 10 years. I like helping people improve their life and I passionately believe that by eating healthier, exercising and striving to stay happy, we can avoid ill-health in later life

Life is for living, especially if you have the energy, physique and positive attitude to enjoy it.

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I wasn’t always healthy and was a workaholic

With a degree in Marketing from Trinity, I worked  initially in tourism in Ireland and later the financial sector, stockbroking in the UK, for 16 years. The work was challenging, interesting, financially  rewarding but the Moloney work ethic clocked-up very long hours and I became overweight and unfit.  Events led me to change my lifestyle.  Fitness came easy enough after a tough start but what was a healthy diet? So much confusion in the market place on food!  I left the corporate world and returned to student life to study nutrition at The Centre for Nutrition Education in the UK where I got a 2:1 in their 3 year degree course.

My goal is to help people like me, who work hard but whose health and weight takes the brunt of today’s life challenges. I could not personally follow a vegan or  extreme form of diet and therefore do not advice on them.  To be a healthy weight, eat a protective and nutrient-dense diet and to be fit are my 3 goals for all clients. To help people achieve their goals, has become my life.

I promote WHOLE FOODS and behaviour change taken in small steps over the long-term. No Fads.

I have rules

The food has to be tasty and filling

The exercise has to be enjoyable and sociable.  The changes have to be small and taken one at a time, no drastic measures.   No feelings of deprivation.

I want to see results but acknowledge that everyone has set-backs so no wicked-witch routines.  No lectures.  Motivation and support all the way.

I want to educate on food, explore new foods, new recipes, learn with my clients. I want this to be fun and work. Is that possible? 4 years in, the answer is yes.

I have built up a loyal following in my local area and 95% of my business is referral from satisfied clients.  Local GP’s refer me business.  They have seen my results.  I can’t change the world but I can impact my local community and hopefully we, as a community,  can than impact other communities.  Ireland is small.
I operate an exercise buddy system.  I help people to get started back into exercise then encourage them to do stuff that is fun.  I have been trampolining in Sandyford, running in Marlay at the park 5k’s on Saturdays, attending local gyms and classes with clients, climbing local mountains.  Once clients achieve a level of fitness, they tend to join a gym or take on a trainer.  My goal is just to get them started and we talk food while exercising together.

I am currently working with Diabetes Ireland and not providing nutritional services under Healthy Eating