Juice Recipes

I juice for 4 reasons

  1. Extra nutrients
  2. Great hydration
  3. Alkalising
  4. Cleansing

My Approach:

  1. Choose 1 fruit only (80g)–vary your choice and include skin where you can.
  2. Choose 2 to 3 vegetables(80g x 3) – Sweet vegetables can be used instead of fruit if you want to reduce your level of sugar intake e.g.beetroot, carrot, Green vegetables are particularly cleansing and alkalising.
  3. Add fresh herbs – parsley is cleansing and Vit C rich. mint is refreshing, sage is ideal for managing menopausal flushes, thyme is helpful for skin flare-up’s (acne), basil is anti-inflammatory (ellagic acid).
  4. Spices – ginger root (anti-inflammatory and anti-nauseous), cinnamon (reduced blood sugar spikes), curcumin(turmeric anti-inflammatory).
  5. Protein – I add a pure WHEY protein powder to the juice if it is after a strength session in the gym OR if I am running a FAST & CLEANSE programme to reduce muscle loss.
  6. Live Yogurt is a good way of delivering healthy bacteria as the gut is almost always involved in inflammatory conditions.


A masticating Juicer (I paid €200 for a Matstone juicer) It extracts the pulp which can be added to soups.  People with poor digestive capacity are suited to these type of juicers.

New juicers like the Bullet, juice everything in one glass. You get the pulp, all the nutrients but these are not always suitable for heavier earthier vegetables such as beetroot, as you get a thick pulpy juice.

There are live enzymes in fruits and vegetables which help us digest them, therefore avoid over-juicing them as this may destroy the enzymes (protein structures).