Getting you Moving


Chairs, couches and cars are  killing us. We are designed to move. Our minds respond well to movement.  Scientific studies have shown exercise to be AS effective as anti-depressants (in mild to moderate depression).

You may just need a nudge to return to exercise and that is where I come in. Walking with others is more fun and is a break away from family life and friends who know you very well. You will be walking with like-minded people, all wanting to get fitter, healthier and ideas can be shared.

Mountain walks are weather dependant – I check weather





Indoor Exercise Classes

Siobhan Mooney of CardioSculpt runs aerobic and toning classes for ladies. Classes are excellent. Priced at €10 per class or packages available.

Tuesdays & Thursday               St John’s GAA           Aerobic    9am                  room upstairs on the right

Wednesday & Friday               St Johns  GAA            Tone           9am

Monday & Wednesday          Scoil Naithi                    mixed        7pm  (beside meadowbrook Gym)



Other Group Activities

Clients undertake 5ks or 10ks and do them together.

In 2013,  we completed the HELL  ‘n BACK 14k challenge crossing rivers, mud mounds, mud swamps, jumping high walls, running up the sugar loaf and down and up again and down again ….you get the picture…over 24 obstacles in total. The sense of achievement was great. My fittest clients joined me.  As clients get fitter, I encourage them to take part in such events



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