Nutritional consultations

Changing your Diet, moving more, sleeping better and managing stressors, can all have a positive impact on some diagnosed health conditions:

2016 Fee: A 2-session consultation   €175

  • Initial Consult 1.5 to 2 hours, with full health history,  weight/body fat%/muscle/hydration composition
  • You receive a highly personalised report on the back of the initial session, outlining how nutrition may help to relieve symptoms of the diagnosed condition along with a Diet Sheet.
  • Access to my recipes online which are constantly being updated to keep food varied
  • Specific nutrients that may help the condition, with scientific evidence and the strength of this evidence  highlighted. These will be both foods and supplements.
  • The second consult may be 3 to 6 weeks later to allow time to see if dietary change is effective, meanwhile, there is unlimited  email or phone contact in between sessions.
  • A powerpoint presentation may be part of the second consult to help increase your understanding of the condition and where nutrition may play a role.

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver /High Cholesterol / High Triglycerides

This is an area where diet and exercise can make a dramatic difference to your long-term health outcome. The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate if you look after it, feed it the nutrients it needs, sleep well and start to love exercise.  A visit to your GP for a full set of bloods and consultation is essential before you start working with me. It can be a slow-start for some people but when the body starts to respond, it can make an amazing journey back to health. For some people, the liver can have taken many years of abuse so please be patient with your body as you coax it back to health via a good diet and exercise.

Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

 A good diet, healthy weight  and regular exercise can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes in some people or reduce the quantity of medication required by diabetics. A better diet can protect blood vessel and heart health.  I focus on helping clients understand diabetes and aim to reduce carbohydrate intake to between 50g – 75g per day.

Migraine & Headaches

If you suffer from Migraine and frequent Headaches it is worth exploring your diet and activity levels. A lifestyle change can help to reduce the frequency of migraine and headaches and if you carry excess weight, losing weight and getting fitter also appear to provide some benefit. I have written a blog on this area.

IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis

GUT health is a complex but fascinating area for me.  Stress, overuse of antibiotics and a poor diet are all contributing to high rates of gut disorder. I have written a few blogs (1. 2. 3. 4. ) on this area and have a great interest in working with people who have these conditions.  A  Low FODMAP  diet is an Australian discovered dietary approach that appears to work well for IBS. Altering fibre intake, using natural anti-inflammatories,  altering fat intake, eliminating trigger foods and gut irritants, testing vegetarian options and managing stress are all strategies I use.

Inflammatory conditions

Any condition that has an element of inflammation (‘itis’) may benefit from changing your diet. An anti-inflammatory diet includes omega 3 with less omega 6 and saturated fats. It has less sugars overall but keeps low GI sugars included for energy. Nutrients with known anti-inflammatory action e.g. turmeric, are included in many recipes. Weight-loss may help. A reduction or avoidance of irritants such as alcohol is considered. Supplements such as proteolytic enzymes and other gut supports are considered. Short terms fast may be considered or calorie reduction to rest the gut and liver. All avenues are explored and results are easily assessed. I have designed specific diet sheets.

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